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Archive - Curriculum Selection

Curriculum Selection Process

Vision: improved teaching and learning in the physical sciences in grades 6-9, with a challenging, vertically aligned curriculum that encourages students to study more science

We define curriculum as the set of standards, resources, and assessments used in instruction.

The Curriculum Evaluation Task Force of the Maine Physical Sciences Partnership has the goal of evaluating candidate curricula using a variety of criteria, reporting on this evaluation process to the collaboratives, and creating written reports which will allow the leadership team of the Partnership decide on the common curriculum for middle school physical and earth science.

The Evaluation Task Force is made up mostly of teachers – the ones who will be using the materials in their own classes. Schools are represented from throughout the partnership, with teachers from RSU 20, DEEP, and PREP. In addition, there are curriculum coordinators, university faculty, graduate students, and post docs.

Why select a common curriculum for the physical and earth sciences in the middle school?

  • Students arrive in 9th grade with a common background
  • Core activities allow for collegial interaction among teachers
  • Common tools for professional development
  • Future teachers at UMaine can prepare for their teaching more easily

Please click the links above to find out more information about our curriculum selection criteria, the timeline for our curriculum selection process, and more information on the process itself.

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