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K-12 Initiatives - Teachers in Residence

During the summer of 2013, MainePSP hosted its third Teachers in Residence (TiR) program at the University of Maine from July 8 to August 15.  Participating in-service and pre-service teachers contributed their time and expertise to the MainePSP community of practice as they reviewed, revised, refined, and enhanced specific Maine PSP programs and worked toward the long-term success of the PSP as a whole. Key projects for this summer included:

  • analyzing the alignment of MainePSP instructional resources with the Next Generation Science Standards
  • refinement of the MainePSP scope and sequence for grade 6-7 earth science, grade 7-8 physical science and grade 9 earth and physical science
  • augmentation of assessment resources
  • creation of supplementary resources to support student learning
  • improvements to the online community site
  • developing a plan for collecting data to inform implementation and
  • planning professional development for the MainePSP community.

The TiR program provides an excellent opportunity for both new and returning MainePSP teachers to deepen their knowledge of MainePSP programs, as well as to give back to the MainePSP community.  Participants are selected through an application process and must be implementing MainePSP programs in their classrooms.  Look for application information for the 2014 Teachers in Residence program in winter 2014.

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