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K-12 Initiatives - Summer Academy

The MainePSP Summer Academy is an annual week-long gathering of the growing community of MainePSP teachers, faculty, graduate students and staff. Held in late June at Schoodic Educational Research Center in Acadia National Park, the Summer Academy welcomes new MainePSP teachers to the community and allows returning teachers to reconnect and reflect together on their year of teaching. New MainePSP teachers are immersed in their respective programs while returning teachers participate in intensive professional development. Meals and lodging are provided by the MainePSP and most participants choose to stay on site. Full of opportunities to learn, network, and build community, the Summer Academy is a highlight of participation in the MainePSP.

The 2013 Summer Academy included five distinct strands:

  • Returning SEPUP Teachers: Modeling and Geology
  • New SEPUP Teachers: Publisher-sponsored training on SEPUP Issues & Earth Science
  • Returning PBIS Teachers: The Physics by Inquiry Approach to Force and Motion
  • New PBIS Teachers: Publisher-sponsored training on PBIS Diving Into Science and Vehicles in Motion
  • EarthComm Teachers (New and Returning): Introduction to the MainePSP Implementation of EarthComm; Systematic Review of the MainePSP EarthComm Scope and Sequence

A Working Group model was introduced at the 2013 Summer Academy to provide a forum for teachers to discuss and collaborate on topics of professional interest. At the end of the week, each Working Group gave a presentation about their findings and recommendations. The ten Working Groups conducted were:

  • Standards-Based Assessment: SEPUP
  • Standards-Based Assessment: PBIS
  • Standards-Based Assessment: EarthComm
  • Curricular Improvement: EarthComm
  • Curricular Improvement: PBIS
  • Place-Based Learning
  • Meeting the Needs of Special Education Students
  • Student Collaboration
  • Process for Curricular Modification
  • Restructuring MainePSP Professional Development

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