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K-12 Initiatives - Leadership Academy

Through the Leadership Academy, the MainePSP seeks to develop strong rural STEM education leaders by providing teacher leadership training. It’s specific goals are to:

  1. Provide a professional network and toolkit for emerging teacher leaders
  2. Build confidence, identity and skills in leadership and problem solving
  3. Empower and equip teacher leaders to make sustainable, systemic change
  4. Create awareness and responsibility for the role teacher leaders play in “whole-student” achievement, aspirations and pathways to success
  5. Build capacity and skills in four key areas of leadership (strands)

The 2013-2014 Leadership Academy is designed by a planning team that includes the MainePSP principle investigator, project director, a CLS leader and researcher, a curriculum coordinator, a professional development expert from Maine Math and Science Alliance, research and practice partners from EDC’s Collaboratory project, and the state science specialist from Maine Department of Education.  Specific strands include:

  • Instructional and professional development leadership (learning to lead collaboratives and other professional learning communities in the MainePSP and in the home district)
  • Evidence-guided decision making with distributed expertise (learning to assemble and lead a task force to make important decisions systematically)
  • Using data to guide change (learning to identify and collect critical data streams and use those data to support, inform and advocate for change)
  • Soliciting support for change (learning to identify and influence key stakeholders and find and secure financial resources to support initiatives)

Teachers are admitted to the Leadership Academy by application.  The 2013-2014 cohort includes 11 teachers who have been active members of the MainePSP community.  A research plan has been developed to study the growth of teachers who are participating in the Leadership Academy.

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