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K-12 Initiatives - Collaboratives and Cohorts 2016-17

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MainePSP Collaboratives or Cohort Meetings are where teachers, university faculty, and researchers can come together to talk about the teaching and learning of physical and earth sciences. Collaboratives are scheduled in two locations, the University of Maine and Ellsworth, teachers implementing MainePSP programs attend but life science teachers and math teachers from all grades are also encouraged to attend, as are elementary school teachers. Cohort meetings are for teachers who attend are implementing MainePSP programs in their grade 6-9 classrooms.

A typical collaborative includes the following:

  • social time with colleagues across the disciplines and grades, typically accompanied by a meal
  • professional development focused on science content and scientific practices
  • discussion of teaching and learning in different disciplines, at different ages
  • information about the MainePSP, such as updates on upcoming events, research, and university initiatives

Cohorts provide a venue where MainePSP teachers, faculty, graduate students and staff can work together to support implementation and research, both within the grade-level communities (SEPUP/Grade 6-7, PBIS/Grade 7-8 and EarthComm/Grade 9) and across grade-levels and subject areas.

Working groups will be invited to use the hour prior to meetings for connect with their colleagues to work on specific projects.

The schedule for the 2016-17 school year is still being compiled. It will be posted here by September 17th.

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