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Partners - External Evaluator

Inverness Research

Inverness Research is an independent and national educational research organization with its headquarters located in Inverness, California — a small town 50 miles north of San Francisco. Founded more than a decade ago, the firm is operated by Dr. Mark St. John. While Dr. St. John is the lead investigator on all studies, Inverness Research has a team of more than a dozen senior researchers around the nation who have the skills, experience and knowledge appropriate to each project the group undertakes.

The work of Inverness Research Inc. primarily involves the study of reform initiatives taking place at the K-12 grade levels, but also includes higher education and teacher education. The research designs used by Inverness Research are multi-faceted and rely on data gained from participant observation, in-depth interviews, focus groups, surveys, and document reviews. By studying the congruence of project theory and field realities, Inverness Research helps projects assess the quality and efficacy of their efforts, and helps funders better understand the design of their initiatives and the value of their investments.

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