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Resources and Links

Organizations in Maine

  • Girlformation:  Seeking to help Maine girls ages 9 to 17, this group provides educational programs and also sends a quarterly newsletter about issues pertinent to adolescent girls to Maine schools and nonprofit organizations.
  • Girl Scouts of Maine: In addition to the scouting groups, this organization coordinates many girl-centered events such as their STEM program (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and the Girl Scouts Robotics day.
  • Hardy Girls Healthy Women (HGHW):  Co-created by the keynote speaker for our conference, Dr. Lyn Mikel Brown, HGHW takes a social and relational standpoint in their efforts to help girls flourish.
  • MainelyGirls: Works at the community and state level to bring about positive changes based on girls needs.
  • Women’s Resource Center:  An University of Maine office that endeavors to ensure that women enjoy a positive experience at the university, as well as to connect women with other organizations and resources within the community.

National Organizations

  • Amelia Bloomer Project: Recommended feminist literature for Birth through 18.  This project accepts nominations and releases a new list of books every year.
  • Girls Inc.:  A network of groups across the United States and Canada that hopes to help girls ages 6-18 overcome social barriers and thrive in all of their endeavors, from academic pursuits to the development of money management skills.
  • Mother Daughter Book Club: A resource for women interested in created mother-daughter book clubs or just reading with their daughters, this website features suggested reading lists, interviews with authors, and ways to connect with other mother-daughter readers.
  • Motherhood Initiative:  A scholarly activist group focusing on the research of mothering and motherhood.
  •  Mother Outlaws:  The community outreach part of the motherhood initiative; the group hosts conferences, speaking series, and other events based out of their home city of Toronto.
  • MomsRising:  A group that started as a handful of mothers and has grown exponentially to include thousands of mothers and those that care about them, their goal is to act through grassroot political action to create a more ‘family-friendly America.”
  • SPARK:  SPARK stands for Sexualization Protest Action Resistance Knowledge.  This is a worldwide group of girls (including two from Maine!)  who are taking action to make changes in the way that women and girls are presented in the media.

Online Resources and Networking for Mothers

  • Daughters: The makers of New Moon answer questions about raising daughters.
  • Moms in Maine:  A site created by a Maine mom for Maine moms to provide up-to-date and local information regarding events and parenting concerns; also has blogs and forums authored by local mothers.
  • Mom to Mom of Maine: An online network of hundreds of moms from differing perspectives coming together to provide support, advice, and inspiration, without judging each other’s differences.
  • RaisingMaine:  A site to accompany the magazine RaisingMaine featuring blogs and articles from Mothers and offering the opportunity to connect with other Maine mothers.  Website is currently undergoing construction, but past articles and blogs can be viewed.

Online Resources and Networking for Daughters

  • Girls Inc. Online: On Girls Inc. online, girls can create an avatar highlighting their strengths, share goals they set for themselves, and are given positive messages about the capabilities of females.
  • New Moon Girls Online:  A fully moderated, 100 % ad-free, website where girls can connect and submit their writing, art, and other work they produce.  New Moon also has a bimonthly magazine produced entirely by girls ages 8 and up.

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