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Maine Masque

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Any student at the University of Maine can become a part of the General Membership of the Maine Masque. We encourage everyone to participate and become involved. In recognition of those individuals that participate in Maine Masque functions and activities on a regular, and often extraordinary, basis, General Members can become voting members based on a semesterly point system. Voting members are allowed to vote on things such as officer elections and changes to the constitution.

The Secretary of the Maine Masque will keep a record of point accumulation, updated on a weekly basis. Immediately upon accumulating 10 points in one semester a General Member will be considered a Voting Member for the remainder of that semester as well as the following semester. While the Secretary will make every effort to maintain accurate records, it is each member’s responsibility to make sure they are awarded their points appropriately. In other words, if you attend an event or participate in a function, make sure the Secretary or one of the officers knows you are there so they can record your points.

After a General Member becomes a Voting Member, they must accumulate 8 points in each following semester in order to maintain Voting Membership. If a Voting Member does not accumulate their 8 points, they will return to the General Membership at the start of the next semester. For example: A General Member that accumulates 10 points in the Fall semester will be considered a voting Member for the remainder of the Fall semester, as well as the Spring semester. If that member does not accumulate 8 points in the Spring semester they will return to the General Membership at the start of the next Fall semester. They can return to the Voting Membership immediately upon accumulating 10 points in one semester.

Points do not carry over from semester to semester and can not be transferred.

Points will be awarded on the following basis:

  • General meetings: 1 pt (these are held at least once a month and often twice a month, or more if special meetings are called)
  • Publicity and recruitment functions (i.e. Family and Friends Weekend, Open Houses, etc.): 2 pts.
  • Bake sale bakers: 1 pt.
  • Bake sale table sitters: 2 pts.
  • Other events (i.e. fund-raisers, participation in the Maine Masque production, etc.) will be awarded a point value at the officers’ discretion based on the amount of participation.

As a check and balance, If the membership does not agree with a decision or action of the Executive Council, any five members (General or Voting), or more, may call for a special meeting of the membership. At the special meeting the membership may call for a vote to reconsider the decision or action that is in question, if at least one quarter of the Voting Membership is present to vote.

Check our Performances and Events page for an idea of what events you can participate in.

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Maine Masque
5788 Class of 1944 Hall
Orono , ME 04469-5788
Phone: 207-581-1792E-mail:
The University of Maine
Orono, Maine 04469
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