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MAC Projects - 2006-2007 Integrated Research and Extension Projects

If you are unable to view the pdf files, you may request paper copies of any project proposal or final report by contacting the Maine Agriculture Center: Phone: (207)581-3204 or toll-free (800)648-0597 or E-mail:

Project No. Project Title Investigators Proposal Final Report
MAC 074 Effects of Phosphorus on Scaevola aemula Quality, Morphology, and Foliar Nutrient Concentrations Stephanie Burnett, Donglin Zhang, Lois Berg Stack, Zhongqi He (consultant) PDF PDF
MAC 075 Effectiveness of Sodium Acid Sulfate (SAS) to Reduce Enzymatic Browning and Acrylamide Formation in Maine Potatoes Beth Calder, L. Brian Perkins PDF PDF
MAC 076 Cold Temperature Tolerance of Apple Rootstocks Renae E. Moran, Donglin Zhang PDF PDF
MAC 077 Beef Bedding Trial Dee Potter PDF PDF
MAC 078 Evaluation of Resistance to Lily Leaf Beetle in Lilium spp. Cultivars Eleanor Groden, Lois Berg Stack PDF PDF
MAC 079 Maine Berries as Natural Preservatives and the Consumer Acceptability Vivian Chi-Hua Wu, Alfred Bushway, Mary Ellen Camire PDF PDF
MAC 080 Extension and Research Needs of Maine’s Medicinal Herb Industry Mary Ellen Camire, Beth Calder PDF PDF
MAC 081 Evaluating Bt Corn for Yield and Silage Quality John M. Jemison, Lauchlin Titus PDF PDF
MAC 082 Optimum Use of Solar Gain Available in High Tunnels and Greenhouses in Maine Gleason Gray, Barbara Murphy PDF PDF
MAC 083 Effect of Compost and Cover Crops on Soil Health in an Organic Vegetable Productions System when combined with Minimal Tillage Mark Hutchinson PDF PDF
MAC 084 Maine Maple Syrup Production Costs Stew Smith, Kathryn Hopkins, Aaron Hoshide PDF PDF

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