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MAC Projects - 2005-2006 Integrated Research and Extension Projects

If you are unable to view the pdf files, you may request paper copies of any project proposal or final report by contacting the Maine Agriculture Center: Phone: (207)581-3204 or toll-free (800)648-0597 or E-mail:

Project No. Project Title Investigators Proposal Final Report
MAC 064 Growing Winter Tender, High Value Fruit in High Tunnels David Handley, James F. Dill, Fumiomi Takeda PDF PDF
MAC 065 Maine Maple Products Marketing George K. Criner, Kathryn Hopkins PDF PDF
MAC 066 Diagnostic Ultrasonography of the Thyroid Gland:
Predictive Value for the Identification of Dairy Cows at Risk for Metabolic Disease during Early Lactation
Jim Weber, Charles Wallace PDF PDF
MAC 067 Growing by Design: Evaluating Organic Cropping Systems for Improved Feed and Reduced Weed Pressure John Jemison, Heather Darby PDF PDF
MAC 068 Determining Consumer Preferences of Beefsteak type Tomatoes Mark Hutton, David Handley PDF PDF
MAC 069 Nutritional Effect on the Occurrence of Soft Scald of ‘Honeycrisp’ Apple Renae Moran, Mary Ellen Camire PDF PDF
MAC 070 Project Title A Molecular Tool for Characterizing Wild Blueberry Clones Seanna Annis, Frank Drummond PDF PDF
MAC 071 Agritourism in Maine: Opportunities, Challenges and Linkages Todd Gabe, Tom Allen, James McConnon, Deanne Herman PDF PDF
MAC 072 Sanitation and Microbial Control for Maine Potatoes and Maine Wild Blueberries Vivian Wu, Alfred Bushway PDF PDF
MAC 073 Commercial Quinoa Production in Maine as a Cash and Rotational Crop for Farmers Mark G. Hutton PDF PDF

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