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MAC Projects - 2002-2003 Integrated Research and Extension Projects

If you are unable to view the pdf files, you may request paper copies of any project proposal or final report by contacting the Maine Agriculture Center: Phone: (207)581-3204 or toll-free (800)648-0597 or E-mail:

Project No. Project Title Investigators Proposal Final Report
MAC 024 Investigate a Specialty Cut Flower Production System for Rural Maine – Field Trials at Bird Farm Donglin Zhang, Matthew Williams, Lois Berg Stack PDF PDF
MAC 025 Improving Transplant Quality for Muskmelon Production in Maine David Handley, Mark Hutton PDF PDF
MAC 026 An Early Warning System For Blueberry Spanworm Francis A. Drummond PDF PDF
MAC 027 Improving Equine Fertility by Determining the Impact of Intrauterine Medications on Endometrial Ciliary Beating Robert Causey, Jim Weber PDF PDF
MAC 028 Host Plant Volatile Augmentation of Trap Cropping for Management of Colorado Potato Beetles in Organic Potato Production Randall Alford, John W. Martel PDF PDF
MAC 029 Survey of Fungal Diseases of Pumpkin in Maine Young-mee Ahn, Bruce Watt PDF PDF
MAC 030 Evaluation of Calf Coat Use in Beef Cattle Operations Dee Potter PDF PDF
MAC 031 Utilizing Food Processing Waste as a Soil Amendment for Growing Cover Crops in an Organic Vegetable Production System Mark Hutchinson, Mark Hutton, Richard Kersbergen, Eric Sideman, Justin Jamison PDF PDF
MAC 032 Evaluation of Vegetable Varieties for Maine Vegetable Farmers Mark G. Hutton, David T. Handley, James F. Dill,, Gleason Gray PDF PDF
MAC 033 Floral Markers for Tarnished Plant Bug Resistance in Strawberries David T. Handley, James F. Dill PDF PDF
MAC 034 Genetic Resistance to Internal Parasites in Sheep: The development of an on-farm testing guide and research of the biology of parasite resistance Richard Brzozowski, Thomas Settlemire PDF PDF
MAC 035 Investigation of Mycoplasma presence in Bulk Tank Milk on Maine Dairy Farms Gary Anderson, Michael Opitz PDF PDF
MAC 036 Evaluating Pollen Transport from Genetically Engineered Corn John Jemison, Michael Vayda PDF PDF

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