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Project Development and Reporting - Instructions and Forms for Current Station Member

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Initiating a New Project

For faculty with a current station research project that is nearing completion, the steps involved in the development of a new approved project are outlined below. There are two phases to the process.

First: This phase involves the four steps listed below. All materials for the first phase need to be submitted together.

  1. Progress Report (doc)
  2. Pre-proposal (doc)
  3. CRIS Information Retrieval (web)
  4. Scientific Peer Reviewers Form (doc)

Second: This phase involves the three steps listed below.

  1. Full Proposal (doc)
  2. Sample Timetable (doc)
  3. Entering project information into REEPort


More about Developing an Approved Project

The first phase involves submitting a progress report, pre-proposal, the results of the Current Research Information Service (CRIS) information retrieval search, and a list of researchers qualified to perform a scientific peer review of the proposed project. All materials for the first phase need to be submitted together. The due date for these documents is typically in early October and is provided in written notification.

Following pre-proposal approval, the second phase involves developing the full proposal and entering project information into REEport, USDA’s singular grant and formula project reporting system. Full proposals are sent to reviewers, and faculty are responsible for revising the proposal based on comments from reviewers and the Research Council. When a new project is approved, the project director (PD) must enter project information into REEport using the Project Initiation report.

All of the documents need to be submitted electronically to Charlene Herrick ( The PD also needs to give copies of all submitted documents to his or her unit administrator.

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