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Resources for Staff & Students - Project Development and Reporting

Station projects are led by faculty members in the College of Natural Sciences, Forestry, and Agriculture. Initiation of new research begins with faculty development of an approved project. Below are links to instructions and forms on project development and reporting. For assistance, please contact Charlene Herrick ( / 581-3204).

Primary Instructions and Forms

Supporting Information

Station Projects: Scope and Approval Process

The Maine Agricultural and Forest Experiment Station administers its research program by linking all funding support and progress reporting to formally approved projects as mandated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Approved projects must be within the scope of the federal acts that are the basis for federal and state (university) funding for station activities, meet other USDA requirements, and meet station standards. Project directors (PDs) and the station are required to report annually to the USDA on the progress, achievements, and impacts of each approved project.

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