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Following is a list of publications on fisheries and aquaculture that are available from the Maine Agricultural and Forest Experiment Station. Some publications are also available in an electronic format, which may be accessed by clicking on the publication number.

NOTE: PDF files require Acrobat Reader to view the file. You can download Acrobat Reader from Adobe for free.


  • B768–Trends in the landings of fish and shellfish in Maine 1928-1976, by Dunham and McGrath (1980)
  • B763–The perceptions, attitudes, and reactions of Maine commercial fishermen regarding extended jurisdiction and fishery management, by Ferguson and Dunham (1979)
  • B722– An analysis of the dealer-processor sector of the Maine soft-shell clam industry, by Prysunka, et al.  (1976)
  • B709– An evaluation of the potential for Maine-raised oysters, by Dunham and Bray (1974)
  • B705– Market structure analysis of the Maine shrimp industry, by Dunham and Stinson (1973)

Technical Bulletins

  • TB194– Hemigrapsus sanguineus (Asian shore crab) as predator of juvenile Homarus americanus (American lobster), by Demeo and Riley (2006)
  • TB188– Tow tank scale modeling in the design of tidal upwellers, by Riley (2003)
  • TB179– Oxygen supplementation for aquaculture biofilters, by Riley and Hagopian (2001)
  • TB177– Evaluation of an experimental filter medium for water re-use systems, by Riley et al. (2000)

Miscellaneous Publications

  • MP722– A recirculating seawater system for salmon research, by Hoose and Riley (1994)

Miscellaneous Reports

  • MR372– The U.S. lobster market and seasonal exvessel price response, by Cheng and Townsend (1992)

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