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Ethnic Marketing of Lamb and Mutton - What Participants Will Learn

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Ethnic Marketing of Lamb and Mutton will teach participants to . . .

  1. Identify lamb consuming ethic populations in your area by performing a demographic analysis of specific ethnicities using census data and other sources.
  2. Learn about the ethnic consumers as well as the specific holy days and holidays when lamb is customarily preferred and the demand for lamb /mutton or specific value-added products is typically high.
  3. Evaluate your production system to determine needed changes in breed(s), carcass size, lambing time, and/or management to meet this market if deemed feasible.
  4. Adapt or create a marketing plan as a part of a business plan for your sheep operation to include an ethnic component (if appropriate)
  5. Successfully answer an ethnic lamb marketing quiz with a score of at least 80%.

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