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Assignments - Assignment #4

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This assignment is designed to help you evaluate marketing options for your livestock. There is no need to submit this assignment. The information and contacts you find will likely be useful to you in your farming operation.

Assignment  – Using the template provided (below), each producer will evaluate marketing options for live lambs and sheep (or goats) specific for their area/region. Some options listed might not be available. However, still perform the research to determine its feasibility.

Make notes. If feasible, consider if an option is more favorable if you increased numbers of animals (expansion).

In the notes and comments section, consider recording contact information for each option with names, phone numbers and/or email addresses. Keep this template for your possible use.

If you need assistance or have questions about this assignment, please feel free to contact Dr. Richard Brzozowski at or 207.951.7155.

Live Animal Marketing Option Template


Marketing Option Advantages to this Option Disadvantages to this Option Notes and Comments
Sell to barn/auction
Sell to middleman or broker
Sell to processor
Sell through marketing cooperative or an alliance
Sell directly to consumers
Sell to consumers through on-farm slaughter where legal
Direct sale of meat to buyer/consumer (restaurants, caterers, etc.)

Note: Check-off fees are the producer’s responsibility.

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