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Assignments - Assignment #3

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This assignment is designed to help you gain knowledge. There is no need to submit this assignment to anyone but yourself. The information and contacts you find will likely be useful to you in your sheep operation.

Assignment: Each participant will identify and measure the ethnic consumers within 100-mile market area (ethnicities, numbers, locations, etc.), using tools provided. They will research more fully those specific ethnicities (culture, religion, etc.) identified.

Notes: Some good sources in your search for this assignment includes

  • a map of the region (use a compass to draw 50 mile radius from your farm)
  • the US Census Bureau website
  • your state census bureau
  • your state planning office website
  • the local phone book/directory (seek Greek Orthodox churches; temples; community centers (ethnic); school systems — English as a Second Language (ESL) programs; refugee resettlement programs; international student offices at local colleges/universities, etc.
  • the Internet (via search engines)

After compiling the list, date the document and file it for use. Continue to become familiar with the ethnicities and religious organizations in your region (your municipality, county, state and region).

If you need assistance or have questions about this assignment, please feel free to contact Dr. Richard Brzozowski at or 207.951.7155.

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