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Emerging Maine Sheep Entrepreneurs - Participant Requirements & Expectations

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Each participating farm . . .

  • must have less than 10 years of sheep experience. Producers with over 10 years of sheep experience can participate in some educational portions of the project.
  • is encouraged to be an active member of the Maine Sheep Breeders Association/American Sheep Industry Association.
  • will pay a nominal fee of $75.00/farm to help offset project expenses.
  • must have an active e-mail address and access to the Internet.
  • will keep a journal (recorded or written) to document their personal growth.
  • is required to keep production records of their sheep, including 30, 60, and 90 day weights of lambs and brood ewe performance/year.
  • will use Scrapie ear tags to identify individual sheep on their farm.
  • will be required to have a written biosecurity plan for their farming operation.
  • is required to keep financial records of their sheep enterprise.
  • will learn to use Quickbooks for their farm enterprises.
  • will plan to submit an annual Schedule F to the IRS.
  • will develop a portfolio documenting their mastering of skills and knowledge.
  • must have a written business plan by the end of year 1. Their respective plan can be changed at any time.
  • is encouraged over the 30-month period to participate in at least one (1) of the following Sheep Management Courses (online) currently offered by the Pipestone Lamb & Wool Program:
    • Introduction to Sheep Management – LWMP 1001 – one credit
    • Equipment & Facilities – LWMP 1202 – two credits
    • Introduction to Sheep Health – LWMP 1300 – two credits
    • Ewe Ration Formulation – LWMP 1502 – one credit
    • Wool Characteristics and Properties – LWMP 1701 – two credits
  • will view Lambing Time Management Series (Recorded Presentations from Pipestone Lamb & Wool program).
  • will be strongly encouraged to participate in the Sheep for Profit School offered by Pipestone Lamb & Wool program.

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