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2013 Maine Poultry Coop Contest - Criteria for Judging

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The following criteria will be used to judge contest entries:

Total possible score: 100

  1. Submitter must be a Maine resident (non-residents will be automatically disqualified).
  2. The coop is appropriately designed and constructed for the species and specified purpose(s) as presented. The dimensions for the coop (length, width, height) are appropriate for the number and types of birds (10 points)
  3. The coop is constructed from suitable materials. Coop longevity, safety of people, bird safety, food safety as well as protection from the elements, rodents, and predators will be considered. (10 points)
  4. The cost to construct the coop is reasonable for the intended purpose(s). (10 points)
  5. The quantity and quality of the coop features that highlight its use, effectiveness, and uniqueness will be considered. Each feature should be briefly described. (50 points)
  6. At least 1 photo (and not more than 3 photos) must be submitted. Photo(s) should be clear and adequately represent the coop. Photos must be taken by the applicant or accompanied by written permission from the photographer. Photos may not include images of people. (20 points)

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