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Lichtenwalner, Brzozowski Talk about Bio-Security for Press Herald Blog

Friday, August 16th, 2013

Richard Brzozowski, University of Maine Cooperative Extension educator; and Anne Lichtenwalner, assistant professor, UMaine Extension veterinarian and director of the University of Maine Animal Health Laboratory, spoke about the importance of practicing bio-security on homesteads for the latest post in the Portland Press Herald blog “The Root: Dispatches from Maine’s food sources.” The author of the blog also wrote she hosted her home and garden during the UMaine Extension’s 5th annual Backyard Locavore Day.

Livestock 101 Online Course

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Extension expert with goat producer; photo by Edwin RemsbergUniversity of Maine Cooperative Extension is offering a Livestock 101 online course.

This course will cover basic livestock care for small-scale livestock producers, 4-H project leaders and older 4-H youth. This program will provide general information on the care of cattle, sheep, goats, equines, pigs, and poultry for people just starting out or thinking about raising these animals.

Dates: Course starts April 2, 2012, and runs for four weeks. This is a self paced course that can be accessed anytime.  Registration starts March 9 and closes March 30, 2012. Registration extended!

The course includes access to program information presented over four weeks, in addition supporting resources, e-mail access, and conference calls with presenters will be available. A high-speed broadband Internet connection is necessary, as the course contains streaming web video.

Participants will

  • learn basic feed and shelter requirements for their animals;
  • understand how to maximize the use of their pasture;
  • learn preventative health care for their animals;
  • understand the differences and similarities between organic and conventional animal management;
  • understand the production cycle; and
  • understand the basics of recordkeeping and marketing options for their livestock.

Speakers: UMaine Extension Dr. Dick Brzozowski, Donna Coffin, Dr. Anne Lichtenwalner, Rick Kersbergen, and Dr. Dave Marcinkowski, and Cindy Kilgore from the Maine Department of Agriculture and Diane Schivera from the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association.

Cost: $25

Register online; registration required.

This program is co-sponsored by the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, Maine Department of Agriculture, and Maine Organic Farmers and Gardener’s Association.

For more information: contact Donna Coffin at or 207-564-3301 or 1-800-287-1491 (in Maine).

UMaine Extension programs are open and accessible to all in accordance with program goals. To provide adequate time to respond to requests for specific accommodations, please provide as much notice as possible.