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Facts & Figures

1. Instruction

  • 70% of undergraduate classes (lectures, labs, seminars) had 25 or fewer students;  the average class size was 19 students.
  • Two thirds of all undergraduate lectures and seminars were taught by assistant, associate, or full professors.

2. Retention and Graduation Rates

UMaine’s freshman-to-sophomore retention rates and graduation rates are consistently superior to those reported by peer institutions.

3. Advising

(2007 survey of undergraduates)
75% of all respondents were satisfied or very satisfied with their advisor’s assistance (in providing information about course requirements for graduation and with help in selecting courses and providing information about registration procedures).  About 80% indicated that they met with their advisor at least once every semester.

(2010 survey of undergraduates)
75% of all respondents reported receiving some form of long-term advising; this figure was consistent across all student levels. (Examples of long-term academic advising are (a) identifying well ahead of time what courses one needs/wants for the major, (b) what courses one needs/wants for electives and general ed., and (c) what courses are offered and when they are offered.

4. Bodwell Volunteerism Survey (2009)

One of every three respondents (undergraduates) engaged in volunteer work while at UMaine. Of those, 40% spent six or more hours weekly volunteering.

5. Life After UMaine survey (2007-2008 graduates)

Of those employed full-time after graduation, 91% believed UMaine prepared them well. A similar percentage (92%) was reported by those enrolled in graduate school after graduation.

6. 2007 survey of UMaine graduates 3 to 5 years out

Roughly the same proportion of UMaine graduates live and work in Maine three to five years after graduation as do six to twelve months after graduation (67% and 69%, respectively).   The same thing is true for UMaine graduates originally from Maine:  nearly three-quarters (73%) live and work in Maine three to five years after graduation. If a UMaine graduate begins working in Maine within a year after graduating, there is an 84% chance they will remain in Maine a few years later (and an 85% chance for graduates originallyfrom Maine).  Further, of UMaine graduates who initially leave the state to live and work, approximately 38% return to Maine three to five years later.