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Laboratory for Surface Science and Technology

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Faculty and Staff

LASST Faculty
Scott Collins
Professor of Chemistry

MEMS/NEMS, nanofabrication, micromechanical components, microphotonic devices
Brian Frederick
Associate Professor of Chemistry
surface chemistry and catalysis, vibrational spectroscopy, time-of-flight mass spectroscopy
Peter Kleban
Professor Emeritus of Physics
surface physics, statistical mechanics, condensed matter theory
Robert Lad
Professor of Physics
materials science, ceramics, thin film synthesis, materials characterization, sensors
Robert Meulenberg
Associate Professor of Physics
nanomaterials, photovoltaics, heterostructures, synchrotron radiation experiments
Paul Millard
Associate Professor of Chemical & Biological Engineering
biosensors, physiological genomics and proteomics, microbial pathogen detection
Mauricio Pereira da Cunha
Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering
microwave acoustics, piezoelectric crystals, wireless communication, harsh environment sensors
Rosemary Smith
Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering
bio-MEMS, microinstruments, microsystems engineering
Carl Tripp
Professor of Chemistry, Director of LASST
surface chemistry, infrared/raman spectroscopy, nanoporous materials, chem/bio detection
William Unertl
Professor Emeritus of Physics
nanomechanics, polymers, tribology, composite coatings, surface physics
John Vetelino
Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering
acoustic wave sensors, metal oxide sensors, chem/bio sensors

LASST Professional Staff
George Bernhardt
Research Scientist
thin films, device fabrication
Michael Call
Research Engineer
electronics, device fabrication
David Frankel
Senior Research Scientist
vacuum technology, thin films, materials analysis



LASST Administration
Susan Ashley
Administrative Assistant

Tracy Richardson

Administrative & Financial Officer

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Contact Information

Laboratory for Surface Science and Technology
5708 Engineering Science Research Building - Barrows Hall
Orono, Maine 04469-5708
Phone: (207) 581-2254 | Fax: (207) 581-2255
The University of Maine
Orono, Maine 04469