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Facilities & Resources - Optical Spectroscopies

Infrared, Raman, in situ Liquid / Gas Test Cells

Optical Spectroscopies

  • Renishaw 1000 Raman system with mapping stage
  • Bomem 102 FT-IR (mid + far-IR)
  • Bomem 155S FT-IR with 4 port option (mid + near-IR)
  • Bomem 110-E FT-IR modified for dual beam operation (high sensitivity mid-IR)
  • Nicolet 800 FT-IR (general purpose mid-IR)
  • Malvern 3000 HSA Zetasizer (particle size and zeta potential)

Optical SpectroscopiesEach FT-IR bench has differentiating capabilities and features, and is supported with multiple detectors (InSb, mid and wide band MCT, DTGS) along with various standard and in-house designed accessories. Standard accessories include ATR (ยต-ATR, flow-through ATR, circle cell), DRIFT (Harrick praying mantis with environmental chamber and Spectra-Tech), photo acoustic (MTEC 2000), and specular reflection (FT-80, variable angle). The laboratory is equipped with two vacuum systems for delivery of gases to various infrared and Raman cells. Two additional vacuum systems provide metal and organic film deposition capabilities.


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