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UMaine and CLAS

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) is the intellectual heart of the University of Maine, instilling core foundational skills that advance every undergraduate student’s intellectual, communicative and analytical abilities.

Through a liberal arts education, students acquire the means for discovering, navigating and thinking critically about the rich physical, intellectual and cultural environments that surround them. Current and prospective students can expect the scholarship and research of the largest and most diverse liberal arts and sciences college in Maine, and the personalized mentoring from internationally recognized faculty.

Students are encouraged to accentuate their learning experience with countless opportunities to broaden individual perspective and worldview. Delve into the performing arts with theatre production and vocal and instrumental ensembles, display creative works in state-of-the-art galleries, conduct groundbreaking research, engage the community with service learning opportunities and discover a passion for cross-cultural exploration with any one of our global study abroad programs.

With our new Advising Center, along with our Student Services Center, students receive individual support and guidance—from freshman orientation to graduation commencement—on degree programs and career options that promote the strengths and success of each student.

Our vision of maximizing student investment transforms a liberal arts and sciences education into learning that lasts a lifetime.