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Faculty Awards - Outstanding Faculty Award in Teaching/Advising Recipient

Steven Cohn has taught at The University of Maine since 1971.  Before coming here, he held positions at The Bureau of Applied Social Research at Columbia University where he participated in studies of anti-poverty policies and steve cohnat The Department of Social and Economic Research at The University of Glasgow where he participated in studies of business entrepreneurship.  While teaching at this university, he has held two leaves of absence: the first to work at The Division of Policy Research and Analysis at The National Science Foundation, where he participated in studies of industrial innovation and science policy, and the second as a Fulbright Fellow at Newcastle Polytechnic Institute (now the University of Northumbria). He has published over thirty articles, primarily in the fields of industrial innovation, criminology and social movements. He has taught for many years in the Honors Program and the Honors College and participated actively in the conversion of the Honors program into the College.   His courses in Sociology include Macro-sociology, Senior Seminar, the capstone course examining philosophical and sociological theories of the good society, and The Self, examining theories of the determinants of the self from sociological, psychological, biological and spiritual perspectives.

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