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Learning Goals for Undergraduates - Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program

To graduate with a degree in Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies, students will need to:

1. Achieve a more complete understanding of how the social construction of gender has influenced the roles, contributions, and experiences of women in many different cultures, now and in the past.  Such awareness can help      them better understand our contemporary world with its changing roles and patterns for women and men alike.

2. Have the ability to bring to the gender analysis of any situation knowledge of the complexity of its interaction with race, social class, and other forms of diversity.

3. Recognize the connection between Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies scholarship and the scholarship of other disciplines.

4. Have developed an appreciation for the connections between Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies scholarship, activism, and social change, historically and in the present.

5. Have developed the critical intellectual capacity and necessary communication skills to work to value and improve the position of all women in whatever public or private spheres they choose.

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