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Learning Goals for Undergraduates - Modern Languages & Classics

What our students should know and be able to do when they have completed their program(s) of study in MLC:

1. They should be able to demonstrate communicative competence in the target language.

2. Students should be able to demonstrate cultural competence in the areas:

A Historical overview of target culture

Intellectual movements
Major figures
“Building blocks” of civilization
Language development
Social and political institutions

A Contemporary knowledge of target culture:

Governmental and political institutions
Educational institutions/structure
Social institution
Philosophy, Literature and the Arts
Media – radio, television, newspapers, magazines
Sources of cultural information (media sources, web sources, research tools)
Major contemporary figures (arts, politics, etc.)
Role in European Community (where applicable) and nature of European Community
Popular Culture
Family Structures and Relations
Entertainment, Pastimes, Hobbies
Social codes
Views of Individual Self vs. Society (government, etc.)
Finances (how financial “pie” is spent)
Health (attitudes and institutions)
Diversity issues – gender, ethnicity, bias, stereotypes, etc.

3. Students should have mastered the following Meta-Cultural Concepts:

  • Territoriality
  • Space
  • Time
  • Social Organization
  • And developed techniques for Cross-Cultural Analysis

Our students should also have mastered and be able to demonstrate the following skills and abilities that encompass but also extend beyond the realm of language and cultural study:

  • Critical thinking skills
  • Knowledge of self as learner
  • Creativity
  • Sensitivity to and respect for other ways of being
  • Connected thinking (the ability to see relationships between and among disciplines, experiences and items of knowledge and to be able to integrate those into a holistic view of the world)
  • The ability to work collaboratively
  • Effective communication skills (the ability to listen well and to articulate clearly in speech and writing)

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