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Learning Goals for Undergraduates - English

Graduating English majors should be sophisticated readers of texts and capable producers of texts, able to:

  • recognize common conventions, forms, and styles of fiction, poetry, and drama or film;
  • ask critical questions about how diction, syntax, and structure make meaning;
  • understand that critical approaches exist and be able to use one or more critical approaches to expand interpretations of a text
  • compose an original, extended argument on a literary topic, employing standard conventions of evidence and citation
  • locate and engage secondary materials, and place their own arguments within the context of previous discourse;
  • explain how social, political, cultural, and/or historical forces shape genre and other literary and discursive conventions;
  • demonstrate familiarity with a range of historically and culturally diverse writers, texts, and genres; and
  • reflect insightfully on their own reading and composing practices.

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