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Alumni Updates - Karla Mae Bosse

Karla Mae BosseWriting from Cut Bank, Montana, Karla Mae Bosse reports, “I am now a public interest attorney, working for legal services in northwest Montana, advocating primarily on behalf of Native Americans, but also other low-income clients in a three-county service area adjacent to Glacier National Park and the Blackfeet Indian Reservation.” Ms. Bosse came to the law after gaining a solid liberal arts education, with B.A. degrees in English and Political Science, and a M.A. in English. She credits the mentoring of UMaine professors for encouraging her to attend law school at Georgetown University, from which she graduated in 2004. Ms. Bosse remarks, “My educational experience at UMaine was as good as what I could have gotten anyplace else – I am certain of that after attending one of the elite law schools with students who were graduates of some of the finest elite universities in the country. UMaine will always hold a very dear place in my heart.”

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