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Alumni Updates - Charley Martin-Berry

Charley Martin-BerryWomen’s Studies/Anthropology graduate Charley Martin-Berry works in Maine at the Cobscook Community Learning Center (CCLC) as a Passages Teacher/Coordinator, helping out-of-school pregnant and parenting teens to earn their high school diplomas. Martin-Berry reports that the committee that hired her thought that her “liberal arts background that includes a broad world view with an understanding of women’s issues was a great fit for the position.” After years of working for non-profits, she’s excited to be involved in serving this population and is “so glad to be doing it in Washington County.” Looking back at her college years, Martin-Berry writes, “I think about the courses I took at UMaine, all the experiences I had at the Women’s Resource Center and Women in the Curriculum/Women’s Studies offices. I think about the great instructors I had, and I want to extend heaps of gratitude to them all.”

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