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Art as Research: Talk Scheduled for 9/14

Art as Research- A Necessary Practice

A talk given by Dr. Graeme Sullivan, Director of the School of Art, Pennsylvania State University

Tuesday, September 14th at 7:00 pm
100 Lord Hall

This presentation explores a range of practices contemporary artists use in their creative and critical responses to the world around them.  Of particular interest is the role the imaginative intellect and visualization plays in transforming human understanding.  The claim is made that artists are ‘researchers’ whose practice is theoretically robust, ideas-based, purposeful and strategic, and makes use of forms and methods that are connected to, but distinct from, traditional systems of inquiry.  using many examples of contemporary art is argued that art practice as research is a creative and critical process whereby imaginative leaps are made into what we don’t know as this can lead to crucial insights that can change what we do now.

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