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Resources for Faculty - Tips for Discouraging Plagiarism

  • Assign narrow and specific research topics.
  • Don’t allow last-minute changes of topic.
  • Require that outlines be submitted three to four weeks prior to the deadline and that drafts be submitted with the final paper.
  • Give written or oral pop quizzes in class.
  • Require detailed citations, including page numbers.
  • Put your school’s academic integrity policy in your syllabus.
  • Clearly explain your expectations.
  • Encourage students to come to you if they are confused about citation practices.
  • Be a good role model. Cite sources in your lectures. Talk to student about how citation shows respect for other scholars.
  • Talk about academic honesty with your students, and make sure they understand both the reasons and the tools for avoiding plagiarism.

Source: “What Can We Do About Student Cheating?”

By Sally Cole and Elizabeth Kiss

About Campus, May-June 2000


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