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Resources for Faculty - Classroom Behavior Statements for Your Syllabus

1. Classroom attendance is a necessary part of this course.  You are allowed no more than X number of unexcused absences.

2. Classroom participation is a part of your grade in this course.  To participate, you must attend class having prepared the materials for the day.  Questions and comments must be relevant to the topic at hand.

3. You are expected to be on time.  Class starts promptly at X.  You should be in your seat and ready to begin class at this time.  Class ends at X. Packing up your things early is disruptive to others around you and to myself

4. Raise your hand to be recognized.

5. Classroom discussion should be civilized and respectful to everyone and relevant to the topic we are discussing.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion.  Classroom discussion is meant to allow us to hear a variety of  viewpoints.  This can only happen if we respect each other and our differences.

6. Any continued disruption of class will result in a report to the Director of  Judicial Affairs for a conduct code infraction.  After one warning, if the disruption continues, you will be asked to leave the classroom for the remainder of class.

7.  You are expected to do your own work.  Cheating, plagiarism and any other form of academic dishonesty will not be tolerated.  Please refer to the University of Maine Student Conduct Code by which all students are expected to abide.  Grade penalty that will be issued to you should you be found responsible for academic dishonesty will be (F in course, F on assignment, letter grade lower in course, redo assignment, etc.)

8. Identify on your syllabus what your students can expect from you. Being prepared for class, being on time, not leaving early, being respectful toward your students and their opinions, are all examples.


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