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Welcome to The Runge Lab

Welcome to Dr. Runge’s Bio-Oceanography Lab

Dr. Jeffrey Runge

Dr. Runge on board the R/V Ira C

Jeffrey Runge Ph.D. is a research professor in the School of Marine Sciences at the University of Maine, and a research scientist at the Gulf of  Maine Research Institute.

Our Research

The primary focus of research is on the zooplankton and icthyoplankton of the Gulf of Maine, including the vitally important copepod Calanus finmarchicus. Our research approach utilizes long term monitoring to follow trends in the community composition and abundance, and live experiments to establish population parameters. By investigating the population dynamics and phenology we seek to:

  • Understand linkages between climate, ocean ecosystem productivity and recruitment into the fisheries.
  • Identify factors determining variability in production of zooplankton, including larvae of commercially harvested fish and invertebrates
  • Investigate connections among variation in ocean currents and temperature, zooplankton production, and the growth and survival of fish larvae by applying coupled, 3-dimensional physical-biological models.