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Maine Invasive Species Network

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Home - Maine Invasives Mapping and Other Data

The following links represent a comprehensive compilation of map and other database resources publicly available for invasive and pest species in Maine. The Vital Signs program invites participation and submissions from the general public in addition to educators and expert reviewers.


Global Invasive Species Database (

Provider: IUCN-World Conservation Union

Lists species recorded in the GISD from Maine. Includes photos, distribution, management/impacts, references and contacts

All-taxa Forest Pests

Eastern Forest Environemtal Threat Center (

Provider: US Forest Service

From insects to diseases this all-taxa resource has photos, species descriptions and distribution info.

Multi-taxa (plant, marine, freshwater aquatic, native species)

Vital Signs (

Provider: Gulf of Maine Research Institute

Educational effort engaging school age participants and other contributors who make observations to be confirmed by experts. Focuses on many invasive species as well as select native species. Citizen science at its best.

Multi-taxa (agricultural pests)

Pest Tracker (

Provider: Purdue Univ. / US Dept. of Agriculture

Photos and Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey (CAPS) results focusing on agricultural pest species.

Plants (terrestrial)

Invasive Plants Atlas of New England (IPANE –

Provider: Univ. of Connecticut

Includes an excellent compendium of records compiled from botanical collections, surveys and trained volunteers. County-level distribution is available for some species!


Provider: Univ. of Georgia – Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health

Excellent resource containing a multitude of spatial data sets of invasive plant species including the IPANE dataset described above.


UMaine Herbaria (

The terrestrial plant resources listed above include specimens vouchered at UMaine but you can search their dataset directly which also includes lichen, moss, fungi and algal collections!


Marine Invader Tracking and Information System (MITIS –

Provider MIT Sea Grant

Houses data collected through the Rapid Assessment Surveys and other survey and monitoring efforts for marine invaders.

Nonindigineous Aquatics

Nonindigineous Aquatics (

Provider: US Geological Survey

USGS repository for aquatic species information – includes known distribution maps and factsheets.


Image Description: ISSG Screenshot

Image Description: Easter Forest Threat Center

Image Description: Vital Signs - Maine

Image Description: Pest Tracker

Image Description: Invasive Plants Atlas of New England

Image Description: EddMapS

Image Description: Marine Invader Tracking and Information System

Image Description: Nonindigineous Aquatics

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