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Why should I study International Affairs?

The field of International Affairs is becoming increasingly important as new technologies are emerging. No longer is it sufficient to only study what is occurring internally within the U.S., because relations and influences of the outside world are becoming the substance of today’s politics, economics, and tomorrow’s history. Furthermore, to compete in the new global job market, it is necessary to have bilingual capabilities. This major is designed to prepare you for the future.

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What do I have to take for courses?

In the spirit of Liberal Arts and Sciences, as well as the diverse nature of International Affairs, students are required to partake in a diverse program. All IA majors will take at least two courses in Anthropology, Canadian Studies, History, Modern Languages, Political Science, and Women’s Studies as well as their core classes. IA majors must graduate with a proficiency (six semesters of coursework) in at least one other language (more for IA Language majors). Your undergraduate studies will give you a strong foundation for further educational and career pursuits. What are some career options that I will have with an International Affairs degree? Our international affairs program is designed to equip students with perspectives and skills to successfully meet challenges of any international career, including law, diplomacy, business, communication, education, public service, and research. Some of the careers available to international affairs majors include ambassadorship, international business manager, international lawyer, the United Nations civil service, U.S. State Department official, journalist, and careers in nongovernmental organizations, such as Amnesty International, and the International Committee of Red Cross.

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Are there any internships and Study Abroad opportunities?

IA majors are encouraged to participate in internships and to spend at least a semester abroad to enhance their understanding of another culture. The University of Maine has several direct exchanges, as well as study abroad programs for students. As an IA student, you will have enhanced opportunities for gaining information about your options, as well as support throughout the study abroad and internship process.

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What is the International Affairs Association (IAA)?

It is a student club that organizes cultural events on campus, invites guest speakers, organizes annual participation in the McGill Model United Nations at Montreal,  and in other ways enriches the international perspectives of students. Joining the IAA will also provide you a place to discuss international news, and gain contacts to further your opportunities.

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