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Canadian Studies

Canadian FlagStudents in International Affairs have an excellent opportunity to combine their program with an area study of Canada. Designated a National Resource Center on Canada by the U.S. Department of Education, the Canadian-American Center oversees the largest and most comprehensive program in Canadian Studies in the country. Students can combine a major in International Affairs with a minor in Canadian Studies; students also can take field trips to Canada by taking CAN 101: Intro. to Canadian Studies, and study for a semester or year in Canada through the Canada Year program.

The candidate for the B.A. in International Affairs/Canadian Studies must complete 21 credits of 300- or 400-numbered courses in Canadian Studies: 18 credits in area studies and 3 credits of CAN 401, the Capstone course.  The 18 credits must be earned from either two or three areas of study (French, History, and Political Science).  If two areas are chosen, the student is required to earn 9 credits from each of the two areas.  If three areas are selected, the student is required to earn 6 credits from each area.


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