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Direct Exchange Programs - University of Salzburg

USalzburgFounded in 1622, the University of Salzburg achieved great prestige and was one of the most famous universities of 17th and 18th century Europe. An interdisciplinary Department of International Relations and Political Science draws students from around the world to meet with faculty and each other to help solve the problems of the 21st century. The University provides a supportive atmosphere in which to learn German because of its international outlook and faculty committed to helping students.


austriaFeaturing beautiful rolling hills and the breath-taking Alps, the small country of Austria, is embedded in the heart of Central Europe. This landlocked country is mostly mountainous, where the Alps account for 62% of its landmass. The numerous passes and valleys through the massive mountain range connects Austria with Germany and the Czech Republic to the north, Slovakia and Hungary to the east, Slovenia and Italy to the south, and Switzerland and Lichtenstein to its west. Influenced historically, the nationally recognized language of Austria is German.

Austria’s Culture was shaped, not only by Germany, but also Hungary, Italy and Bohemia, with a delicious effect on its cuisine, with a resulting outcome of hearty Goulasch. Austria, nonetheless, is also known for its Viennese dishes like the mouthwatering Apfelstrudel, Kaiserschmarren, and Wienerschnitzel. Outdoor adventurers will find numerous beautifully landscaped trails perfect for hiking and mountain biking during the warmer months. For that heart warming adrenaline push, one can enjoy the mountains to its fullest with rock climbing, skiing and snowboarding.


The rich heritage of the medieval Salzburg is still alive in this modern city, beloved by its citizens. Behind the magnificent church facades, year-long pageantry and Austrian charm is a deep and abiding faith and a willingness to share. Salzburg is a tourist town in every sense of the word. As birthplace of Mozart and the home of the “Sound of Music’s” Van Trapp family, Salzburg attracts hordes of tourists to her streets during the spring and summer. The Altstadt is continually abuzz with swarms of sightseeing groups, all led by an umbrella-armed tour guide. But never fear; these crowds have not pervaded everywhere. You can still escape to a secluded park or a bench along the Salzach river or a trail on the Mönchsberg for a quiet moment to yourself, in addition to an active and diverse student life.

Areas of Study

University of Salzburg offers German as a Foreign Language courses from beginning to advanced level. It also offers a number of courses in English in various disciplines. Students who have advanced level of German may enroll in classes with German students at the university.


Minimum overall GPA 3.0

No German language proficiency is required for courses in English. Students enrolling in classes taught in German must have completed at least 4 semesters of college German.


Estimated budget for a semester at the University of Salzburg


Fall semester (Wintersemester) –  October 1 to January 31 (Orientation is during the last two weeks of September)

Spring semester (Sommersemester) – March 1 to June 30 (Orientation is during the last two weeks of February)


Almost every department at the University of Salzburg offers a few courses taught in English each semester. They can accessed a list of courses at PLUSonline. Select “English” under Vortragssprache, select semester abroad under Semester (Winter is UMaine’s fall semester, Sommer is UMaine’s spring semester), select “alles” under Ort. Then select “Suchen” to search the courses. All courses taught in German can be accessed at the Course Catalogue (available two months prior to the semester).

 The Department of English offers a large number of courses in American studies as well as Cultural Studies and Literature taught in English.

German as a Foreign Language classes are offered by the Department of German at the introductory, intermediate and advanced level. For exchange students these courses are free of charge. Every student has to take a placement test at the beginning of the semester. More information at PLUSonline.

In addition, the University Language Center also offers German language classes for a moderate fee. A two week preparatory language course is offered for exchange students for the second half of September at a reduced participation fee.

Courses for the upcoming academic year are not available until two months before the start of the semester. Students should use previous years’ catalogs as a basis for choosing courses. Students are also encouraged to be flexible in their requirements.

Number of classes a typical student takes per term: 6-8

Number of hours per week a typical student spends in class: 12-16 hours

Number of weeks per term: 15

Full-time enrollment:

UMaine students must be registered for at least 24 ECTS credits each semester. Students are not encouraged to register for more than 30 ECTS credits each semester.

The course credits at University of Salzburg are listed in the European Transfer Credit System (ECTS).

2 ECTS credits = 1 UMaine credit

Grading Scale:

Austrian Grade Letter Grade UMaine Grade
1 Sehr Gut A
2 Gut A-
3 Befriedigend B
4 Genuegend C
5 Nicht genuegend F

The equivalent to a US “D” does not exist. An individual grade (Note) is awarded for a class, thesis or part of a large exam. An overall grade (Gesamtnote) is awarded for multi-part exams.


The University of Salzburg does not own any student residence halls. International students may contact Austrian Exchange Service (OEAD) to book accommodations.

Health Insurance

Every exchange students must prove that s/he has health insurance that is valid in Austria. For more information, visit OEAD

After arrival in Salzburg students can purchase a health insurance policy with the Salzburger Gebietskrankenkasse. Cost: approx. € 52/month (Sept. 2012).

Every exchange student is member of the Austrian Student Union automatically by being registered at the University of Salzburg. This membership includes a liability and accident insurance.

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