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International Students - Courses & Registration

Department of Homeland Security Regulations

As an international student you must be registered  full-time  to remain in lawful immigration status.

  • Undergraduate Full-time registration = twelve (12) or more credits/semester
  • Graduate Full-time Registration = six(6) or more credits/semester
  • Intensive English Full-time Registration= 5 IEI courses/session

If you feel you cannot undertake a full course load you need to meet with an international student adviser at the Office of International Programs to find out if you qualify for a Reduced Course Load (RCL).  RCLs are only authorized in very limited circumstances and permission must be granted BEFORE you withdraw from a course or courses.  Documentation of your circumstances must be provided.

New International Students

Undergraduate Degree-seeking Students

  • The registration process begins once you return your “Enrollment Confirmation Form”.
  •  First year students are usually automatically pre-registered by their college; transfer students will typically receive an email from their college which suggests courses and provides information on how to register.
  • Math Placement Test:  If you are an undergraduate you must take the Math Placement Test before you register for the first time.  The exam is on the web and should be take as soon as possible to ease your course registration.  Your test results are used by your college/school to place you in the appropriate course.  Graduate and Exchange students do not need to take the Math Placement Test.
  • International Transfer Credit: If you have completed college-level classes at an institution abroad you may request an international transfer credit evaluation.  The evaluation is completed AFTER you are accepted and matriculated at the University.  Visit the highlighted link for more information on obtaining an evaluation.

Graduate Students

  • You must meet with your academic adviser before registering for first semester courses.
  • After meeting with your academic adviser you will enroll in courses at the Graduate School.

Exchange and Visiting Students

  • Prior to your arrival in the US you should communicate with the Assistant Director of Study Abroad who will assist you with your enrollment.
  • It is helpful to complete your enrollment as early as possible as some courses fill quickly.
  • If you are in a graduate program in the Maine Business School you should contact the Manager of the MBA Programs and Internships for assistance with enrollment.

Intensive English Students

  • You will be given an English Language Placement Exam during your orientation at the Intensive English Institute (IEI).
  • You will be enrolled in courses by a staff person at the IEI.

 Current Students

After your first semester you will use MaineStreet, the student records database, to register for your courses.  You will be notified by the Office of Student Records regarding the date that you can begin registration.  Students should review the course catalog and make a “wish list” in MaineStreet.  Final registration is done after you meet with your academic adviser and obtain a personal identification number (PIN).

Hot Tips

  • Be sure to meet with your academic adviser-  You may be able to obtain your PIN from an administrative staff person even if you have not met with your adviser.  WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS.  Your adviser will ensure that the courses you register for will meet the requirements of your degree.  Students who do not meet regularly with their academic adviser often find that they have to enroll in and pay for additional courses in order to graduate.
  • Register early- Some courses are very popular and fill quickly.  Registering early will allow you to take the courses you want.
  • Pay your student bills- If you have an outstanding bill you will not be able to register for courses in MaineStreet.
  • Pay attention to the Add/Drop dates- You are allowed to make schedule adjustments through the first five class days of the semester.  After this you will not be able to add a class without special permission and you will not receive a refund for any courses dropped after the tenth day.
  • Withdraw from courses no later than the tenth week of the semester- You will not receive a refund and you will receive a “W” on your transcript.  A “W” indicates that you did not complete the course but it does not effect your grade point average(GPA).  Remember you should not withdraw if it will put you below full time.

 Further Information on Courses and Registration

The Office of Student Records is the place to go for complete information on courses, course registration and instructions on using MaineStreet.  Listed below are a short cuts to a few pages you might be interested in.


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Last Modified On July 25, 2014

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