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Apply - Costs of attending UMaine in Intermedia

Cost at UMaine are broken down into two categories: Direct Costs and Indirect Costs.

Direct Costs

Items which appear on your bill are considered direct costs. These include tuition and fees, and can include room and board (if you live on campus).

Indirect Costs

Items which do not appear on your bill but are still a cost associated with being a student are considered indirect costs. These costs include room and board (if you live off campus), books and supplies, travel and other miscellaneous educational expenses.

The MFA program is full-time at three courses a semester (9 credits). The direct costs for 2012/2013 are estimated to be:

Maine Residents: 4,316.00 per semester for tuition and fees.

Non-Residents: 11,885.00 per semester for tuition and fees.

NEBHE Students*: 6,197.00 per semester for tuition and fees.

Canadian Resident: 6,197.00 per semester for tuition and fees.
[ Tuition and Fees change each year :]

New England Regional Student Program (NEBHE)

Qualified New England residents are given preferred admission consideration to The University of Maine in specific degree programs unavailable in their home state. Students accepted in these programs pay 150% of the Maine in-state rate.

Room and Board

Housing rates on campus vary based on living situations. For 2012-2013, a double occupancy standard undergraduate room cost $4,624 per year. For additional information regarding housing options, including options for graduate students, please visit the Housing Services website.

Meal plans are the same cost regardless of the plan chosen. For 2012-2013, meal plans cost $4,224 for the year. Meal plans are mandatory for undergraduate students but are optional for graduate students. For specific meal plan options, please visit the Dining Services website.

More detailed information can be fond on the University of Maine’s Student Financial Aid web page.

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