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Faculty - Affiliated Faculty: Psychology

Alan Stubbs

Alan Stubbs

Professor of Psychology

Alan Stubb’s primary interest is photography. He is interested in all forms of photography– black & white and color; film and digital; and different processes such as platinum printing and zone-plate photography. He works with different subject matter including portraits, interiors, landscapes, and abstractions and light. Currently many of his efforts involve explorations in digital inkjet processes. He has taught numerous courses on photography and on digital imaging. He has used Photoshop for over a dozen years. He has also taught courses that focus on black and white process and courses on color photography.

Dr. Stubbs has a Ph.D. in psychology and his area is the scientific study of perception. There is a close link between this area and photography and in addition the work in perception has so many connections to many areas of art. See some illusions and other visual effects at his PerceptualStuff web site.

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