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About Us - Faculty

The program’s internationally accomplished faculty are actively engaged in a range of creative disciplines and areas that include art and cultural theory, art history and aesthetics, media theory, film and video, sound, music, performance, theater, digital media, artists’ books and multiples, print media, photography, painting, sculpture, new media, writing, poetry, visual rhetoric and perceptual psychology. All of the Intermedia faculty hold appointments in other disciplines as well as being actively involved in research, development and professional work in multiple areas of inquiry.

Intermedia Faculty 1

Intermedia faculty Nate Aldrich, student Duane Shimmel and visiting artist Joel Chadabe prepare for an electronic music performance.

In addition to the faculty with ongoing appointments the Intermedia Program draws faculty from across Maine and the Northeast to teach classes, conduct workshops, lead travel classes and generally broaden and enrich the nature and offerings of the Intermedia Program.

Intermedia Faculty 2

Intermedia faculty member Iain Kerr delivers a lecture on situational aesthetics


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