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English for Specific Purposes

Specialized communication or test-taking skills in English can be improved markedly when an immersion program focuses practice on appropriate situational vocabulary and functional language routines. The short-courses and workshops in ESP offered at the UMaine IEI are designed–in a short time–to polish performance in language skills that are already rather well developed. Please be sure to note the recommended entry English level when selecting one of our workshops or short-courses. You will benefit most if your English skills at the time of entry fall within the range specified. Minimum enrollment for ESP courses and workshops is 5 with a maximum of 10.

Below you will find the English for Specific Purposes short-courses, workshops or tutorials currently available for registration. None of these courses requires a student visa.

Please e-mail Becki Osborne at IEI for additional information and an application packet. Be sure to mention the ESP course title and start date.

ESP Courses

Medical Short-Courses

These two-week short-courses are offered on the dates specified. They are designed for medical professionals who want to polish their English communication skills. Each workshop has a specific purpose and each has a recommended level of English proficiency for entry. Both workshops are part-time (15 instructional hours per week), so they can be offered to medical professionals visiting the USA on a tourist or other visa.

English for Medical Professionals in the Clinical Setting
Recommended Entry English Proficiency Level: High Intermediate — TOEFL score range 480 to 540 (IBT score of 55 to 75)
Date: TBA
Fee: $950 (includes $100 application fee and all materials)*

This workshop is intended for doctors, nurses and other medical personnel who want to improve their oral communication with patients and with one another in an English-speaking clinical setting. It focuses on situations where information gathering, information sharing, record-keeping, and treatment coordination are enhanced through improved English skills. Practice is tailored to the stated needs of participants and includes role-playing and other active practice with–

Greeting and Getting to Know the Patient
Understanding and Recording Symptoms/Concerns
Using Medical Reference Works
Discussing Diagnoses and Treatment Options with Colleagues
Explaining a Diagnosis and its Treatment to the Patient
Following Up with Colleagues
Consulting with Patients over the Phone
Keeping the Records
Dealing with Jargon.

Medical Communication for Doctors and Researchers

Recommended Entry English Proficiency Level: Advanced — TOEFL score range 530 and above (IBT score 72 or above)

  • Date: TBA
  • Fee: $950 (includes $100 application fee and all materials)*

This workshop is intended for medical doctors and researchers who want to improve their English to attend or make presentations at professional conferences and conventions. It focuses on settings where ongoing medical education is occuring and where research findings are being reported to clinicians or are being shared within a research team using English. Practice is tailored to the stated needs of participants and includes role-playing and other active practice with–
Unlocking the Rhetoric of Medical Literature and Journal Articles
Following and Responding to a Professional Conference Presentation
Writing and Delivering a Professional Conference Paper
Presentation Q & A Discourse Patterns
Panel Discussion Participation
Communicating and Problem-Solving with Research Team Members
Dealing with Jargon.

* Prices are subject to change. Groups of 5 or more enrolling together pay only $50 each for the application fee. Maximum enrollment per short-course is 10 participants.


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