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Welcome to Innovative Communication Design

What is Innovation Design?

Innovative Communication Design (ICD) is a professional certificate program designed for individuals interested in improving their professional presence in today’s technology-driven society. ICD is built on the idea that creative problem solving is the most valuable and transferable survival skill in a constantly evolving marketplace. Students will learn creative approaches and strategies for innovation, become knowledgeable in a range of media and design production tools and gain an understanding of cutting edge marketing and media contexts.

The ICD program will be offered exclusively through online classes. It is a graduate certificate program for individuals who want to complement their undergraduate degree with experience and skills relevant to today’s job market.

Certificate Requirements

The basic structure of the program will consist of 3 core classes accompanied by six electives. The core classes, Creative Concept Development, Design Aesthetics and Creative Communications, will concentrate on innovative problem solving and the electives will allow students to choose a specific focus for their studies.

Project Based Learning

ICD course design ensures students will develop innovative and creative approaches to their work. Course projects are hands-on, and integrate industry standard tools with applied creativity.  Students in the program gain tangible, real world  skills that will translate directly to future job opportunities.

Extended Benefits

The ICD is designed to meet the challenges of today, but also prepare students for the changes tomorrow will bring.  As technology changes, ICD students will be at the forefront of growth opportunities, with an understanding of content and delivery suited to the needs of the information age.

Who should sign up?

  • Working professionals who need to communicate more effectively
  • Individuals seeking to update their skill sets for today’s job market
  • Small business owners trying to reach a broader market
  • Larger businesses intent on facilitating their own communication design

Areas of Interest

  • Graphic Design
  • Graphic Arts
  • Marketing
  • Info Graphics
  • Web Design
  • UX Engineering
  • Server-Side Development
  • Professional Presentations
  • Video Production

Want to find out more?

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