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Worklife at UM - Faculty Partner Accommodation Program

The University of Maine is committed to developing and implementing creative processes to support the employment goals of the partners of faculty and staff.  The University recognizes that finding meaningful employment for a partner is important to the successful transition to the University of Maine community and that an engaged and productive academic and administrative workforce is essential.

In order to further support its commitment to partner accommodations, the University is supplementing its existing partner accommodation policy with a Faculty Partner Accommodation Program.  This Program is not intended to replace existing policies and procedures implemented by the Office of Human Resources or the Office of Equal Opportunity.  Existing procedures such as job sharing, partial appointments, term or trial appointments, research faculty appointments, opportunity hire appointments, and informal networking support both on and off campus, for example, should continue to be explored to facilitate partner accommodations.

The Faculty Partner Accommodation Program is intended to supplement existing partner accommodation options by providing central funding for one tenure-stream or continuing-contract partner accommodation position per academic year.  The Program is expected to be a competitive program under which each college and Cooperative Extension may each submit one proposal for consideration for the grant each year.

The program shall be referred to as the “Faculty Partner Accommodation Program.”  Central sources will fund the salary and employee benefits for the Faculty Partner Accommodation Program and the successful College or Cooperative Extension can negotiate for additional assistance from central funding for the costs of reasonable infrastructure needs and other start-up funding and any other reasonable expenses on a case-by-case basis for a tenure-stream or continuing-contract position.

Funding shall be added to the base budget of the unit receiving the partner accommodation position; however, if the partner hired through this program vacates the position, funding shall return to the Office of the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs & Provost.

The President’s and Provost’s decision to award the Faculty Partner Accommodation Program in any given year shall have no impact on future requests for faculty positions by a requesting or accepting department.

The criteria for evaluating requests made under this Program include:

  • Qualifications of the existing or prospective faculty member being accommodated, including any unique expertise;
  • Qualifications of the partner;
  • Impact of the hire or hire(s) on the University’s Strategic Plan and institutional goals and priorities;
  • Consensus within the hiring department for the requested appointment(s);
  • If the accommodation is proposed for a prospective faculty member, the extent to which start-up investment would be required; and
  • The extent to which start-up investment would be required for the partner accommodation position.

Annually, the Deans of each College and the Executive Director of Cooperative Extension may submit an application for consideration under the program.

A Faculty Partner Accommodation Program application should include:

  • Supporting letter from the Dean or Director making the proposal, articulating how the request meets the criteria of the program, described above;
  • The vita of the faculty member or prospective faculty member for whom the accommodation is being considered;
  • The vita of the partner whose hire is being considered under this program;
  • Supporting letter from the peer committee of the unit into which the partner is being hired; and
  • If the accommodation is being considered for a prospective faculty member, a supporting letter from the peer committee of the unit into which the faculty member is being hired is also required.

Applications for consideration under the Partner Accommodation Program must be submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs by October 1 or another date to be announced by the Provost.  The merits of each proposal will be analyzed by the Provost’s Executive Staff and the Provost and President will make the final decision.

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