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FAQ - Job Applicants

How do I apply for a position that is advertised on your web site?

Follow the directions as stated in the ad on how to apply. Job applications are not required for faculty and salaried positions.

If I hear of a position that might be posted in the future, can I apply for it now and have you keep my application on file?

No, we do not accept applications for positions that are not posted on our website.

Can the application, cover letter and resume be faxed to your office?

Yes, the fax number is (207)581-2369.  It also can be scanned to the email address below:

Can I have an application mailed to me?

Yes, just call our office with your mailing address:  (207) 581-2362.

Can I call the department that I applied to and ask if my application has been reviewed?

No, the department will only refer you to Human Resources for questions such as this.

If only an application is received and the ad clearly states that an application, cover letter and resume is required, will the applicant still be considered?

No, the application will be documented as incomplete.

When a finalist has been chosen for a position, does the department or HR notify the finalist?

Once the HR department receives all the necessary search materials and reviewed by the HR Officer for that department, the finalist will be notified by HR.

Does the department or HR notify the applicants for interviews to be scheduled?

The department sets up the schedules for all interviews.

Where do I find the latest job openings?

Visit http://

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