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Benefits - Short Term Disability

What is Short Term Disability?

STD is the Voluntary (employee-paid) benefit that will pay you a percentage of your wages after a waiting period during absences caused by your own disability.  The STD payment is 60% of your pay.

What is meant by a pre-existing condition?

If you received medical treatment or if a prudent person would have consulted a health care provider in the three months just prior to your effective date of coverage, that is a pre-existing condition. Certain other disabilities are also excluded such as intentionally self-inflicted injuries or active participation in a riot.

What is the waiting period?

The waiting period is two weeks for hourly and salaried employees and four weeks for Faculty.  STD never pays for the waiting period.

How do I submit a claim?

There are Prudential claim forms available in the Benefits Office.  There are forms for the employee to complete and a form for your doctor.  The University also completes an employer form.  These forms are usually faxed to Prudential.  An employee can also submit a claim by calling 1-866-466-4606.  The control number is 24769.  When you speak to the Prudential representative, you will need to give information about your medical condition, when your absence will start, and how to contact your doctor.

What if the claim is for a work-related injury?

STD will not pay for work-related injuries.  Workers compensation benefits will pay for lost time related to work-related injuries.  A separate claims process is used for work-related injuries, and a Supervisor’s First Report of Injury is required.

Can I continue to get my pay from the University while I am receiving STD payments?

For hourly and salaried employees you may continue your University salary using your sick/disability leave and your vacation/annual leave.  You are not required to use your accrued leave; however, you are responsible to pay for benefits that are not deducted from Prudential payments.   deductions while you are absent are no longer being paid since no premium deductions are made from Prudential payments.  Payments for benefits on an unpaid leave would be arranged through the process called Benefits Billing.  Faculty must use up their disability leave prior to Prudential paying the STD claim.

 How long will STD payments continue?

The STD payments can continue for up to 26 weeks.  On-going documentation from your physician to Prudential to confirm a disability is required for STD to continue payments.

What happens if my absence is longer than 26 weeks?

Eligible employees may be covered by Long Term Disability (LTD).

Explain Benefit Billing in more detail.

A person on an unpaid leave for any reason will receive an election form outlining the costs to continue benefits.  You would complete and return the form indicating the benefits you want to continue, and you would make payments as needed.  For a lengthy absence, you would be billed for benefits on a monthly basis.  Depending on the reason for the absence, the payments required may be health, dental, vision, the various life insurances, short and long term disability, and flexible spending accounts, etc.

If I did not enroll in STD when I was first hired, can I enroll later?

During the annual open enrollment periods, usually in November, employees can change certain benefits including Short Term Disability.  Employees who are enrolled in Short Term Disability can waive their coverage during open enrollment as well.

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