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Benefits - General Benefits

How much sick time and vacation time am I allowed?

Sick and vacation time will vary on what unit you are in or how long you have worked for UMS. You can view your vacation and sick balances on MaineStreet. Earned time off and balances will also appear on your paycheck.

In what situations should I contact the Employee Benefits Center (1-866-269-9635)?

a)     During Open enrollment for possible benefit changes, including the Flex accounts (Advantage Accounts) which require annual enrollments in order to participate

b)     Outside of Open enrollment:       Family status changes (birth, divorce, marriage, Domestic Partnerships); Increases or Decreases in Retirement Plan Contributions; Job changes such as promotions or increases/decreases of work hours

c)     New Employee Benefits orientation and enrollment

d)     For help in resolving benefits-related issues including questions about provisions of the health, dental, and vision plans

What companies can be used for retirement plan contributions?

TIAA-CREF,  company the University uses for direct contributions from your paychecks.

How much can I contribute to my retirement plan?

The University provides a match for 4% of your base earnings for eligible employees.  Employees can contribute substantially more than 4% (which does not have a match) to a 403(b) and/or 457(b) to these same four vendors.  Employees age 50 or above have an additional “Catch-up” provision.  Changes to the additional contributions can be made using employee Self Service on MaineStreet.

What are the usual employee benefits for a full-time, regular employee?

a)     Life insurance including options for supplemental life insurance, spousal life insurance, additional accidental death and dismemberment insurance, and child life insurance.

b)     University-paid Long Term Disability insurance and optional enrollment for Short Term Disability

c)     Optional enrollment in the University-sponsored health insurance plan (including coverage for spouses, domestic partners, and children under the age of 26)

d)     Dental and  optional vision insurance

e)     Eligibility for employee and dependent tuition waivers

f)      Certain paid holidays and paid leave options such as sick leave and vacation (non-faculty)

How do I make sure the University knows who I want for my beneficiaries?

Employees may update beneficiary designations using Self Service on MaineStreet.  You would go to “Benefits Summary,” and select the plan.  Then you would edit your beneficiary selections.  You can choose primary and secondary beneficiaries as well as selecting a specific percentage for your choices.  Contact the Employee Benefit Center who can guide you through the process.  Forms are also available for your selections.  You will want to be sure your choices are documented, especially after any family status changes.

How would my family members make a life insurance claim if I die as an employee?

Claim forms are available in the Benefits Office.  An original death certificate will be required.  Your beneficiary will be assisted in the claims process.

I have optional life insurance on a spouse (child) and if I need to make a claim, how is that accomplished?

Claim forms are available in the Benefits Office.  The employee is automatically the beneficiary for a death claim for a covered spouse or dependent.  An original death certificate is needed.

What do I pay for various benefits?

Each year during Open Enrollment, you can find out the costs for the following year.  Premiums tend to change each January.  Contact the Employee Benefit Center for premium information.

I am thinking about taking a leave.  How do I find out my options for continuing benefits?

The University does have many leave options that are related to the purpose or need for the leave.  The situations regarding benefits vary among these options.  You can start with reviewing your Collective Bargaining Agreement.  If health issues for yourself or family members relate to your leave, you may be eligible for Family and Medical Leave.  Consult with a campus Human Resources Officer or Benefits staff member for guidance in your individual situation.

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