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Office of Human Resources

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Performance Assessments - Performance Assessment Schedule

Performance Assessment Schedule for

Hourly and Salaried (Non Faculty Employees)

Board of Trustee policy, collective bargaining agreements and employee handbooks require that each employee receive an annual written Performance Assessment from his/her supervisor.  The University of Maine’s FY 2012-13 goal for completed performance assessment for hourly and salaried employees is 100%.

Generally, a written Performance Assessment is conducted:

-        Every six months during the probationary period for salaried employees.

-        Before the end of an employee’s probationary period, usually six months for hourly paid employees, one year for E&G or fixed length salaried employees, or nine months for soft money salaried employees.

-        Prior to the end of the first six months of employment following the transfer, promotion, demotion, reclassification of an hourly paid employee.  An hourly employee who transfers to a different position, in the same or different classification, through the application process will have a new assignment review six months from the date of transfer.  The annual appraisal schedule, as described below, will remain unchanged.

-        Annually, after completion of the probationary period.  Schedule of non probationary performance appraisals:

The ACSCUM/COLT and UMPSA agreements provide that if a performance assessment is not done within 30 days of its due date, the employee’s performance will be assumed to be satisfactory.  All employees deserve a chance to participate in the assessment, goal-setting process, and formal recognition of their job performance.  If an employee’s job performance is not satisfactory, the performance assessment process can help him/her improve.

What form and process is to be used to conduct a performance assessment?

-        Hourly employees:  The form and a copy of the employee’s job description/classification is sent to the employee and his/her supervisor by Human Resources about 6-8 weeks before the appraisal is to be completed.  Hourly employees are encouraged to complete the Employee Self-Assessment and return it to their supervisor at least a week before the performance assessment meeting.  The forms may be completed online. More information is available at

-        Salaried employees:  The form and a description of the process are described at  This form may also be completed online.  Salaried employees are also encouraged to complete an Employee Self-Assessment as part of the appraisal process.  The forms may be completed online.

Can performance appraisals be conducted more frequently than described above?

Yes, it can be useful and appropriate to conduct more frequent written assessments when an employee’s performance in some areas is unsatisfactory or needs improvement.  The purpose of an interim assessment—which may be done at three-month, six month, or some other appropriate interval—is to provide the employee with clear feedback necessary to improve performance and to document whether job performance is improving.

Can a supervisor use a different form than provided above? 

Yes, for non-represented, hourly and salaried employees only.  Please contact Human Resources for advice and guidance in creating a form or format that appropriately addresses the job related performance aspects of the position.  The form available at should be used for all represented hourly paid employees.  The form contained in Appendix C of the UMPSA collective bargaining agreement is the form to be used in evaluating the job performance of unit employees.  Departments that wish to use an alternative form must submit that form to Human Resources for review.  Following a certification that the alternate form or procedure meets the requirements of Article 13, Human Resources will inform the association of the new process.

What if the employee disagrees with or chooses not to sign the completed performance appraisal?

One aspect of conducting a performance appraisal is for the supervisor to provide feedback on the employee’s past job performance as well as suggestions for improving performance and achieving future success.   An employee may not necessarily agree with the supervisor’s feedback.  An employee may attach a written response or comments to the evaluation within seven days.  The employee’s signature is intended to acknowledge receipt, not necessarily agreement, with the supervisor’s evaluation.

What happens to the completed evaluation document and any employee comments?

When the written performance assessment has been finalized, it, along with the employee’s self-assessment and any response or comments, should be forwarded to Human Resources, Corbett Hall.  A copy of the document should also be placed in the official personnel file for salaried employees within the employing department.  

Remember, effective performance assessment is part of an ongoing cycle of Performance Management by an employee’s supervisor.   Performance Management – it’s not just a once a year thing!

OHR 10/2012

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