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Filling Vacant Positions - University of Maine Search Waiver Process

For a search waiver to be considered for a faculty or salaried position, the person recommended for hire must possess the minimum qualifications for the position and the hire can not violate the provisions of the applicable collective bargaining agreement.  The formal offer of employment is made by the President of the University of Maine or the Assistant Vice President for Human Resources.

Through the Opportunity Hire Program, under the auspices of the Equal Opportunity Office, the University of Maine is able to employ and retain highly qualified individuals who make a unique contribution to the University and its strategic plan. Such individuals include those with national or international stature; and those who bring a unique or different perspective because of their professional or personal backgrounds, interests or expertise. These appointments often represent opportunities that require rapid response to exceptional persons with competing career options. For more information contact Equal Opportunity.

The following describes those situations when a search waiver request may be forwarded to the Office of Human Resources for consideration.  UMS policy and the University’s collective bargaining agreements also contain provisions that provide for promotional opportunities.  Please contact Human Resources for more information.

    • An interim/acting appointment (normally a stipend appointment)  with an overall duration of up to a year during which time an appropriate search, approved by Equal Opportunity, will be conducted to fill the vacancy.
    • In instances when a sudden resignation, unsuccessful search, unanticipated programmatic need, or the immediate availability of an individual who brings needed unique skills, expertise and/or work experience in a narrow area where a vacancy currently exists may result in the appointment of the person in a fixed length capacity for up to one year. During that time, the department may initiate a search or seek grant funding for the individual’s continued employment.
    • Under the University’s Post Doctoral Research Appointment policy,, a Post Doctoral Research Associate may be hired for up to two years without a search.  If a search is conducted, the overall maximum length of the Post Doctoral appointment is three years.
    • When an individual is specifically identified by name in a funded grant budget based on his or her unique skills and qualifications, a search may be waived.  It is expected that the grant provide a substantial portion of the individual’s salary over a time period to qualify for ‘regular’ employment status.  Continuation of employment is contingent on continued funding from sources external to the University of Maine.
    • When a program or unit has been reorganized or transferred from a University affiliate (ex. Alumni Association) or one campus of the UMS to UMaine, a search may be waived for those regular employees who will continue to perform in the same functional area.
  • For bargaining groups that do not require job postings to current unit members, a search may be waived for the partner of a current or prospective University faculty or staff employee who has talents that match the needs of the organization. The individual must possess the qualifications required for the position. Please see Dual Career Spouse/Partner Employment Policy.

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